Presentations to Annual Plan & Culture, Sport and Recreation Committees


A couple of presentations to Wellington City Council later… we were waiting to share some news before posting this — but we still await! And this video has been found — so here it is: a summary/report/way of communicating to WCC what we have been up to. They liked it.
HERE are updated drawings we also presented to council which have been adjusted based on feedback received from participants after producing the drafts. Thanks for making it all happen!
And watch this space, as we wait with baited breath
We’ve also updated the padlet with all the latest so if you want to show your friends the WHOLE shibang – see here
Kia ora! Arohanui


2016WCC Annual Plan Written Submission

We are excited to announce that a written submission to the WCC Annual Plan has been received by Wellington City Council and we will be supporting this application through an in-person hearing next Tuesday morning! If you’d like to read the written submission — here it is! (link to PDF at end of this post – also available via webpage showing the whole process HERE.)

We have taken all the wonderful feedback from our final gathering and online process into account and are making some small adjustments before presenting to council. Thanks everyone for you part in us all getting to here!
So, we calmly quell our nerves.. and are looking forward to letting you know how the presentation to council goes.

Vogelmorn Precinct DRAFT concept design drawings for review

Really great to see those of you who could make it to the Vogelmorn gathering last Sunday. Thank you for your joyful contribution to a milestone in this process! For those who were unable to make it the draft concept drawings are attached below (20pages) — and they are also available for viewing in person at the Vogelmorn Bowling Club this weekend Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of April from 11-1pm. Cally will be around if you’ve any queries please contact her on 0h two two 6087585. Or email

Please see also this comment form: These are DRAFT images and comments provided by you will inform the next stage in project development. Thank you for your time and input on this exciting project which is also helping to develop frameworks for participatory processes in Wellington! MUCH APPRECIATED!

152VP_160403_Design phase 1 (the drawings!) (the comment form)

152VP_160403_Design phase 1_Page_03


April party A3 posterThe final precinct gathering of this community design series will be celebrated this coming Sunday 3rd of April from 3 – 8pm at the Vogelmorn Precinct! The event is combined with Vogelmorn Community Group’s Neighbours Day Party – please join us for an afternoon of great food, games for kids, music and an interactive display of precinct visioning. There will be the opportunity to view and give feedback on the work developed through the community design workshop series so far. Your comment at this time will continue to shape the Vogelmorn Precinct vision we will soon be presenting to council – and the celebration is to say a big thank you and to enjoy coming together at this important time.
Namnita Kumar joins us again with her outstanding Ayuverdic curry, there will be party dishes for kids (and non-curry lovers), plus beverages, PHANTASTICUS ~ a high energy gypsy flavours ensemble, games with Barbarian Productions and more! Wet or fine the event will take place at Vogelmorn Bowling Club and the if fine on the bowling green!
For those who can’t make the Sunday event the precinct display will be at the Vogelmorn Bowling Club available for viewing and comment during the following week. Please contact with any questions, comments or to arrange an alternative time to see the display.
Hope to see you next Sunday!
Cally, Nick, Sam and the Vogelmorn Precinct Steering Group

Workshop #4

The Vogelmorn Precinct has continued momentum with workshops #3 and #4 in February. The third was an exposition of images and views of the site displayed in the beautiful Vogelmorn Hall. These reflected the ideas, precedents and aspirations which have been voiced during the Kaka Project and the previous workshops. The visual stimulation and conversations showed what has been visioned and what other community-led projects have achieved, whilst also bringing us all up to speed on Vogelmorn thinking leading into the fourth and final workshop on Sunday 28th February.
The fourth workshop was ably led by experienced facilitator Anne Cunningham. Having worked on the interface between communities and architecture in several countries and in a variety of community settings Anne was well placed to help the group of attentive locals pull together the visions, and to explore how the ideas may play out in various future scenarios for the Vogelmorn Precinct.
We talked near future to “six generation thinking” and while everyone continued to vigorously exercise their imagination muscles the outcomes remained grounded and realistic as to what can be achieved. The result was a collective prioritisation of the ideas that will be taken forward to form the core of a Precinct proposal.  Throughout this process strong community, occasion and connection, were clear themes. The architectural framework and proposition to council will now start in earnest and a draft concept plan will be presented at Vogelmorn on Sunday 3rd April – with a party! A volunteer sounding board will continue to check in on this work as it progresses.
Come along on the 3rd April – there may still be sun.. but we’re certain there will be good food, company and a picture of what’s shaping up to be a vibrant and exciting Vogelmorn Precinct!

Workshop #3

Sunday 14th of February 2 – 5pm

Come on down to the Vogelmorn Hall any time between 2pm and 5pm this Sunday for an exhibition of Vogelmorn community ideas; a breadth of inspiration; and, a last opportunity for contributing suggestions before our final sorting workshop on the 28th of Feb! Your input this Sunday will go a long way, we will also set up a space for confidential and anonymous reflections on ideas proposed so far throughout the series. The Vogelmorn Hall will be a visual feast of inspiration from all the brilliant ideas so far as well as precedent images and examples of projects around New Zealand and the world that resonate with our Vogelmorn Precinct.

Food and beverages will be available throughout the afternoon and the green open for kids and adults — we may even base there if the weather permits.

Big thanks to Wellington City Council, Films for Change and you for continual support of this series!


Thanks to the wonderful Film for Change NZ we are able to document this whole series helping us capture heaps of information ~ and meaning we can make some little clips like this one!  Thanks to Tamas, film crew, and everyone who made workshop 1 so special!